Kaffee-Kuchen-Action Art II // BREaKING POINTS // Artists

Dana Seyfarth (Erfurt)

 My name is Dana and I'm not an artist. I'm doing performance art, because this is the language in which I can tell stories and feelings better than in any other kind of language. This is one of my biggest issues at the same time. How can I make people understand me? How can I find pictures and actings that effect us all to describe what I'm feeling? And at least, how could I even say that I understand myself? Well, I don't... This always will be my first step - to find out who I am - and let others taking part in that, 'cause maybe they can learn something about themselves, too (and if not, they are reminded on what they've learned once). And maybe both of us will understand each other a little bit more.

Dana Seyfarth, WIPAW 2016, Foto Lolo Hjtyu Tuyuyu
Dana Seyfarth, WIPAW 2016, Foto Lolo Hjtyu Tuyuyu

Dana Seyfarth, WIPAW 2016, Foto Lolo Hjtyu Tuyuyu                                     

Performance weekend at Cell63 – photo by Luisa Catucci

Anna Kosarewska (Warsawa) 

Anna's background is visual art. Art it is a tool of changes, performance it is a language. As a performance artist I’m pointing at the problems through actions. Exaggeration of the situations and changing the social rules – are my methods. My art is: ephemeral, responsible, provocative. My art practice revolves around: BODY – crisis of body, post humanism, body is obsolete, fragile body, biological and virtual body, political body. COMMUNITY – local, fragile, liminal. ACTIVISM – how art activity could influence social challenges, raise voice of the group, reframe the problems, and reinvent public space by art practice.

More Infos: http://cargocollective.com/annakosarewska

Photo by Monika Sobczak_Museum of Acropolis, Athens, Greece, 2015
Photos by Oleksii Polegkyi_Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, 2014

Photos by Stefan Wouter_Blue is the warmest colour_Belgium Performance Festival

Kristina Marija Kulinič (Warsawa)

Photo Ineta Ivoskaite
Photo Alexandra Zierle
 I find it interesting to alienate from the social reality that my body exists in and play with it creating circumstances that provoke the unknown to reveal itself, trying to define honesty. I find it impossible to be honest without the trust in the unknown. Yet this is the scariest part of the game – facing the unexpected. Facing the traits that may be so carefully and beautifully hidden in this socially engaged self. My self. Your self. Our self. Us.

Felix Roadkill (Berlin)

Felix Roadkill, WIPAW 2016, Foto Lolo Hjtyu Tuyuyu

FR 2016. W.Wuma
In my artistic practice and research I am focused on the performative quality of pain. I see an imperative necessity in transforming current cases of brutal violence, contempt, injustice and brutal murder into artistic imagery in order to challenge collective ignorance and maybe even overcome shared trauma. Therefor I wish to communicate painful ideas with my audience by choosing painful or stressful situations. ​
FR 2015 A. Ahonen
FR 2015 E.C. Straube