Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Warszaw International Performance Art Weekend - mit Fringe Section vom Performance Netzwerk Thüringen!

Es ist soweit: Das WIPAW öffnet die Türen vom 13.-16.10.2016, und das Performance Netzwerk Thüringen eröffnet dort eine eigene Fringe-Section mit Programm "BELOW THE LINE"!

Es gab sehr viel Interesse an diesem Programm und dem ersten offiziellen Call Out des Performance Netzwerk Thüringen in Verbindung mit einem Festival, und das vor allem auch aus der internationalen Performance Art Szene und insgesamt 8 verschiedenen Ländern, was uns besonders freut und uns bestätigt, auf dem richtigen Weg zu sein.

Mit dabei sind:
Dana Seyfarth
Toni Lebsa
Matthias Schäfer
Martin Zepter
Marcel Sparmann

Wir werden das Festival mit Fotos und Texten begleiten und dokumentieren und euch hier und auf der Facebookseite darüber auf dem Laufenden halten!

Hier unsere Fringe Section "BELOW THE LINE" im Programm des WIPAW:

 “Below the line” / Fringe section

Below the line / Fringe section
Open Call for the program ’Below the line’ - collaboration of young Polish and German artists and students, which is a part of the Warsaw International Performance Art Festival.  'Below the line’ it is more than just a workshop, it is a collaboration, reflection, open talks and individual performance presentations during Warsaw International Performance Art Week. “Below the line” it is a great chance for young artists and students to be presented during international festival together with experienced artists. This program was supported by German founds from State Thüringen and the LAG and theater in Thüringen eV, Germany. Program “Below the line” in cooperation with Warsaw Performance Art Weekend and Pracownia Duży Pokój was initiated by German artist Marcel Sparmann. 
The Performance Network Thuringia invites all active performance artists in and from Thuringia to follow this call.The idea for the first time ever to send out a common Open Call is, of course, an invitation to appear, to come together, to perform, to network, to share. We depend so at all Thuringian artists who find themselves in even performative formats, intermedial interfaces and other mixed situations between body time and spectators. All applicants will be presented on the website of the Performance Network Thuringia, linked and obtain thus the possibility of a dynamic and always current communications platform and public.


Is dedicated to emerging artists and students from Poland and Germany / Thuringia, representing to avantgarde contemporary approach to art, a strong diversity of styles, artistic research, and understanding of current affairs in our Adjacent societies.
Under the thematic of “TURBULENCE”, this series intents to highlight valuable experiences, Which ground performance art in a political discourse of art history and socio-political environments, in order to continue and maintain a strong sense of actuality, deserving to be remembered without a declaredly appositive cultural intention.
“Below the line” program:
  • 6 hours workshop / studio time together with Polish students
  • Artists participating in lectures by invited international artists
  • The own individual performance in the festival context
  • Moderated post processing of performances

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