Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016

BELOW THE LINE - meet the Artists! Dana Seyfarth

Dana Seyfarth

Dana Seyfarth (2016)

About the Artist:

Dana Seyfarth, born 1992, currently residing in Erfurt/Germany:

Hey, I'm Dana and I'm 23 years old. I'm working on performing arts for four years - mostly at the theatre, and this is my first time taking part in an international performance festival program. Next to that I have been playing guitar and drums and have been writing songs for two years now and there is more to come. I love to sing under the shower, I do that every single day.


Im Mittelpunkt steht eine Junge Frau, welche in ihrer Darstellung an die Anmut eines Tieres im Zookäfig erinnert. Das Thema stellt ein erdachtes Frauenbild und eine absurde Gesellschaft zur Schau.

A young woman occupies the center of the stage and seems to get drowned within a society that loves to play with people, especially with women.