Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016

BELOW THE LINE - meet the Artists! Martin Zepter


Martin Zepter


Martin Zepter (2015 - LAPsody Festival Helsinki, Finland)



















About the artist:

Martin Zepter (*1976 in Ansbach/Germany) is a freelance director, performer and producer for independent art projects. He studied english, german and philosophy in Würzburg, directing at Rose Bruford College in Sidcup and theatre, arts and media in Hildesheim. Since 2005 he mainly works as developer for projects in between arts, education, politics and society mixing art forms like performance art, street art, installation, video and theatre. Best known are the "X pe d/t itions" (2012-2014), a Dresden based, federal funded, artistic research project with his artist collective theatrale subversion.


My most important performance material is “Der Panda” a stuffed animal toy with an extraordinary personal history and a rich stock of methods to make people think, come together or communicate. But since 2016 I also work without him on meditative site specific performances on the border to street and land art.