Montag, 7. November 2016

Education program 'Below the Line'

Education program 'Below the Line' in collaboration with Performance Netzwerk Thüringen and Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend,

WIPAW & Below the line collaboration 2016

Photos by Anna Kosarewska

'Below the Line'
Is dedicated to emerging artists and students from Poland and Germany / Thuringia, representing to avantgarde contemporary approach to art, a strong diversity of styles, artistic research, and understanding of current affairs in our Adjacent societies.
Under the thematic of “TURBULENCE”, this series intents to highlight valuable experiences, Which ground performance art in a political discourse of art history and socio-political environments, in order to continue and maintain a strong sense of actuality, deserving to be remembered without a declaredly appositive cultural intention.

“Below the line” program: 
 6 hours workshop / studio time
lectures by invited international artists
the own individual performance in the festival context
moderated post processing of performances