Montag, 7. November 2016

'Below the Line' Performance by Alicja Czyczel

Photo documentation from 'Below the Line' Program - organised/curated by Performance Netzwerk Thüringen and Marcel Sparmann in collaboration with Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend (#WIPAW)

Performance by Alicja Czyczel
Photos by Lolo Hjtyu Tuyuyu

The format of a performance festival creates a unique environment for appearance of art. What is specific about that time? What conditions for a performance it brings? My dance intervention focused on the gap "in between" performances. I introduced dance to the breaks that followed performances of artists I have met during a workshop organised in a frame of Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend. The focus of my sparing choreography was put on a separation of bodies and their creation. Dance was about taking care of what's left behind, of cleaning after and preparing a space. Therefore, it was also a process of asking: is it possible to draw a line that not separates artists one from another but brings them together?